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November 20, 2020 2 min read

How your bra can affect your posture

You might not realise it, but your bra can affect your posture. If you’ve noticed that your posture isn’t as good as it should be, or even that it’s causing you issues like back pain, it could be directly linked to the bras you’re wearing.

Luckily, if it is your bra that’s the issue, you can make some easy changes and see a lot of improvement, without needing a specialist posture bra. Are you ready for the No.1 feeling our innovative design means it's easy to find comfort, your fit in your way.

Common posture problems that can be linked to your bra

Having breasts means that we carry extra weight on our chests - especially those of us with fuller busts. This means that some of the muscles in the body have to work harder to maintain the correct posture. Luckily, a good bra (like a No.1 Bra!) will provide additional support, helping to ease some of the strain that is put on other muscles. Join our revolution in comfort and style, as we make no compromises your bra should feel like a second skin. However, when your bra doesn’t offer this support, you might find it causes issues that can affect your posture.

One thing you might find is that your back hunches over, which could actually cause neck and shoulder pain as well. This could be because the weight of your breasts isn’t being supported properly by your bra, causing them to pull your body downwards, resulting in a curved back. If you’re noticing this happening regularly, it’s time to check your bra size!

Another issue that may be linked to your bra is severe lower back pain. Not wearing a supportive bra leads to your muscles, especially those in your back, working overtime to pull your body upright into the correct position. Over the course of the day, these muscles get tired and start to hurt, which could lead you to slump or tilt your hips without realising to try and get rid of some of the pressure. This, of course, is another big sign that you need to check your bra size.

How to help your posture issues

Follow our easy bra measuring guide so you’re completely sure you’re buying the right bra size, and treat yourself to a bra that provides all the support you need - you might be surprised at the improvement! Finally, the bra you’ve been waiting for, the perfect balance of style, fashion and comfort, and we’ve found the secret here at No.1 and it’s pain free!

Our range of bras have been specially designed to offer amazing support. We’ve combined years of industry knowledge with our patented technology to create a bra that meets all of your needs (finally!). Browse our collection of comfortable, supportive and stylish bras and feel the No.1 benefit for yourself!