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Customer Reviews

“The No.1 Bra has most definitely become my No.1 and only bra; the fit is incredible, the fabrics feel divine, and I no longer spend all day fiddling with annoying straps. It gives me a better shape, and is both comfortable and luxurious…my boobs are very happy.”
Philippa, London UK
“First bra ever to be comfortable on first wear. Love the lower wire and that it doesn’t stick in to your underarm and the higher sides are great. Would recommend!”
Jan, Melbourne Australia
“I adore this bra! I cant wait to order my nude one.”
Jen, Hertfordshire UK
“It was really a wonderful experience for me yesterday to feel comfortable with my bra and to even forget I was wearing one!”
Emmanuelle, Paris France
“The bra not only looks great, it feels smooth and made me look and feel more uplifted than usual. The bra was so comfortable I was very unaware of the lower wire.”
Jane, Essex UK
It is one of the most comfortable bras I have ever worn! I didn’t notice the lower wire as it fitted so well, and the side smoothing feature definitely gave a smoother and flatter appearance to my back.”
Linda, Midlands UK
“When wearing the bra it didn’t move, slip down or dig in anywhere.  It’s very soft, clean and I like the fact there aren’t many seems. I felt very lifted and supported, especially at the sides and it gives a good profile under clothes. I would definitely recommend this bra.”
Emily, London UK
“This bra is way softer to wear than my other bras and I actually felt correctly supported.”
Rebecca, Melbourne Australia
“This bra is so comfortable I could sleep in it.”
Michelle, Essex UK
“This genuinely has been the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. It gave me great support, great shape and you can wear any clothing over this bra without worrying about lines or bulges. Nothing was scratchy or irritable like many bras. The lining is so smooth against the skin and once it was on I never felt the need to adjust it at all to make it more comfortable. To be able to buy a bra which is so pretty and comfortable is the perfect combination. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to wear this bra!”
Kerry, Southend UK

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