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Some Examples

  • If your cup size doesn’t need changing, you will always stay on the same diagonal colour and move up or down your band.
  • If you are changing the cup size you will move horizontally and change the colour of the diagonal.
  • Previous bra size 34D
  • Measured band is 36
  • Cup is ok
  • New size 36C
  • Previous bra size 38dd
  • Measured band 36
  • Taking you to 36E
  • Need bigger cup
  • Move up to 36F
  • Previous bra size 32FF
  • Measured band 34
  • Cup is small
  • Move up to 34FF
  • Previous bra size 40F
  • Measured band 42
  • Taking you to a 42E
  • Cup is big
  • So move to a 42DD