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How to Measure Bra Size

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Most of us women wear a bra every single day, but did you know around 70% of us are wearing the wrong bra size? Wearing the wrong size bra causes all kinds of problems, let alone the fact that it can be really uncomfortable!

That’s why we’ve created this easy bra fitting guide, so you can learn how to measure your bra size with confidence and say goodbye to ill-fitting bras.

Measuring your under bust

Pull the tape measure AS TIGHT AS POSSIBLE and get as close to your rib cage as you can. Don’t worry, the bra wont be this tight but this method does ensure the best fit. We are looking for the smallest measurement you can get at this point and sometimes it’s easier if a friend or partner does it for you as they can pull tighter.

Measuring your over bust

When measuring around your back and overbust, hold the tape measure gently against you, not tight, not loose. Please think about your body shape… Do you have a slim back or fleshy back? If your fleshy on the back, the measurement could indicate a bigger bust than you are because some of that measurement is from your back and not just your bust. If so, you may need to go down a cup size. . Jot the two numbers down, the under bust and the over bust and check them against the grid below

If you need help were here to talk it through with you. Contact us at customercare@no1bra.com

Just follow the few easy steps below and check out our bra measurement chart to see which size is right for you!


Happy measuring!

Now that you know exactly how to measure band size and cup size, why not give it a try? We recommend taking your bust measurement every few months to make sure you’re always wearing the right size bra for you.

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