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How To Measure


1. Pull the tape measure as tight as you can to find the rib cage in cms or inches.




2. See your measurement in grey and look up at the gold row for the bra band size (note your bra band size).



3. Hold the tape measure around the cups and across the lower back of your bra (note the measurement).



4. Find your bra band size in the black left hand column in the table below.

5. Find your cup measurement in the grey column in the table below.

6. Your cup size is in the gold row at the top of the table below.

7. Example on grid below is 34B.




Inbetween sizes on the cup measurements? No problem, see example below:



If you measure 'in between' cup sizes, then look at your back:

If your back is lean go up a cup size

If your back is fleshy go down a cup size


International Size Conversions