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Why No.1 Works

Find out why Daphne doesn't need to take off her bra...

Now for the technical bit. The No. 1 Bra uses patented technology that re-angles the underwire outwards, away from the breast. This stops the wire curling back around, as it does in a traditional bra, and digging into your side. The wire is actually held in place by our elastic along the sides of the bra, so it won’t change position throughout the day. We also included an extra panel along the top that smooths the area under your arms for a completely sleek silhouette.

We’re all about taking the hard work out of finding the right underwear. That’s why we tested our No. 1 Bras underneath a variety of different items of clothing, from T-shirts to slinky dresses, so we can be sure that they sit invisibly underneath.