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About Us

After 30 years of designing and fitting bras for some of the most
famous lingerie brands, the No.1 team know the key problems
that women experience is related to uncomfortable wires and lack
of side support. We know that many women experience wires
pinching the side of the bust at some stage during the month.
Our consumer research confirmed that most women found comfort
to be an issue. We believe it is about time the ‘lack of comfort
problem’ is solved and a stylish and comfortable product is available.
We've listened to what women want, and considered wellbeing for women. By listening to our customers, we have invented a stylish unique
patented technology to solve the wire problem. This clever hidden
technology stops underwires digging in and smooths the sides of
the body to eliminate that little ‘over-hang’ that women experience,
no matter what age, shape or size.
No.1 Bra London provides essential everyday luxury products for
women worldwide. The products deliver innovation, exceptional
fit and all-day comfort for supreme confidence.
The perfect foundation for every woman.
As a team we are ‘dedicated to design’ and listen to what women
want and use our patented technology to create ground-breaking
innovations that empower and inspire. Our new generation of
thinking means that every garment has been thoughtfully created
with attention to detail being paid to all aspects of the garments,
so you can trust that you’ll look and feel as ‘good at the back as
you do at the front’.
No.1 Bra London is designed in London by women for women.